Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gender versus Gender Identity

Guest post by Suzann Darnall

This is an area that I usually try to avoid. I don’t really care how someone chooses to identify themselves, unless it affects me personally . . . which has not happened thus far and is truly unlikely to ever happen. But there are aspects of it that are now making impacts across large portions of society and affecting certain individuals detrimentally.

I am not going to delve into the many varieties of “gender” that are being floated about. Nor am I going to go into hermaphrodites, which is an entirely different concern since it is a completely natural issue that has to be dealt with medically. My only comment about hermaphrodites is that despite whatever body construct, their DNA still registers them as genetically male or female.

That is where I want to focus. DNA. Biology. The one true measure of who is or is not male or female. DNA tells us our gender. We may choose to opt for some other gender IDENTITY, but our gender is set by our DNA. We are biologically male or female. As the Left loves to say, “The science is settled!”

This is why there really needs to be something that legally separates the two aspects of gender. Gender is a scientific fact. Gender Identity can be a personal choice. But, personal choice is not enough to make things fair across the board in some situations. While it is fine to allow women to compete against transgender women in business, it is not logical that they be forced to compete against transgender women in sports.

A “woman” who grew up as a male has a tremendous advantage in athletics. Bone density, muscle mass, and strength that comes from being male and having testosterone cannot be overcome. This is particularly true in those transgender women who opt to keep their testicles and are still pumping out testosterone.

There are many other aspects of the Gender versus Gender Identity fiasco that will eventually need to be addressed in our society. But, for now, can we just realize that gender and gender identity are NOT one and the same? There is a lot said about fairness and level playing fields, but political correctness has just kicked any idea of playing fair on the field of female athletics right off to the sidelines.

Is the influx of biological males into female athletics, under the guise of being transgender women, foreshadowing the complete destruction of what we have heretofore known as women’s sports? Is this the true male patriarchy that we have been repeatedly warned of by the feminists? If so, I must lay blame for this aberration at the feet of those same feminists!

One of the really sad aspects of this is that a biological girl who wants to be a quarterback or kicker for her high school football team will probably still be denied that option. However, a transgender girl can come in and play for the girls’ soccer team and it is pretty much illegal to deny “her” that chance. How fair is that?


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