Thursday, March 30, 2017

Our opioid epidemic

Is our opioid epidemic funded by the federal government? Do pharmacies provide people with opioids without a doctor's prescription?
This problem has "flowered" during the last seven years of the Obama administration. Purdue Pharma is the main producer of OxyContin. It is owned by one of the richest families in the country, the Sackler family, which is worth over $14 billion, according to Wikipedia.

Because they are big donors to both parties and to the Clinton Foundation, no politician is standing up and confronting them for profiting from all this misery and death. That is the question Tucker Carlson asked Democrat Tim Ryan, who represents a rural Ohio district that has had many deaths. The Congressman avoids answering Tucker's question. Ryan is for "sitting down." Tucker asked Ryan why he has not proposed penalties on doctors who overprescribe opioids or patients who misuse or people who are profiting from a scourge that is killing thousands of people.

I wish Tucker would have asked the congressman how much money he received from the Sackler family.

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