Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Thanks to Sundance at The Last Refuge for guiding us to an understanding of what is going on in the Deep State

Here is an update from Sundance at The Last Refuge on the overview of intelligence. Sundance believes there is in Washington a UniParty consisting of PR functionaries (Congress and Senate) who dance to the tune of the lobbyists and billionaires who fund their campaigns. He writes this afternoon,
♦ Obviously Chairman Devin Nunes has placed himself outside the rails of Deep State. ♦ The UniParty now wants him removed. ♦ Nunes has become a risk. ♦ Brutally obvious questions being ignored by media become focus of wider electorate.

Chairman Nunes is the only member of the Intelligence Oversight Gang-of-Eight who has reviewed the executive level intelligence product which caused him concern. Nunes alleged in the last week he received evidence that Obama administration political figures gained access to unmasked American identities through foreign intercepts involving the Trump transition team between November 2016 and January 2017.

Media and congressional leadership intentionally skip the obvious questions:

♦ Why don’t the other seven members also go look at the same executive intel?

• Why, instead of looking at the same data, does the entire UniParty political apparatus and DC media now seem intent on eliminating Devin Nunes?

• Why doesn’t Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or Mark Warner simply go look at the same executive intelligence product?

• Why doesn’t Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell or Richard Burr simply go look at the same executive intelligence product?

• Why doesn’t any member of the DC media ask such brutally obvious questions?

• Why is the DC UniParty both intent on not looking at the intelligence and simultaneously intent on removing Nunes, and getting the investigation removed from the House Intelligence Committee (Nunes/Schiff) and over to the Senate Intelligence Committee (Burr/Warner)?

• What is it about that Executive Office Level Intelligence Product the gang-of-eight are all so desperately afraid of?

• Why would the Senate launch another entire congressional intelligence inquiry, when the head of the Senate Intelligence Committees, Burr and Warner, are desperate NOT to see the intelligence product that causes Nunes such concern?

• What does that say about the intent of a committee when they refuse to even look at the intelligence reports they are supposed to be investigating?

These are all simple questions that hang above the political chaff and countermeasures.

These are also simply questions that explain why President Trump made this simple request:

Notice how in the three months since that request was made by President-Elect Donald Trump, only one member of congress has actually done what was requested. That member is Devin Nunes.

Now look at what’s happening around Devin Nunes.

The brutally obvious reality behind these simple questions highlights something much more than the simple SWAMP. The reactive behavior is not confined to current DC politicians or the media surrounding DC.

What we see now, is a response by multiple elements more aptly called “Deep State“.

Carly Fiorina, a former member of the CIA advisory board, calling for an independent commission seems rather odd when you accept the reality that current congressional oversight officials are refusing to even look at the current intelligence.

Odd, that is, until you realize such a request is a way for a Deeper State to protect itself.

Devin Nunes is the only official who has viewed the intelligence, therefore Devin Nunes is now a risk – he must be removed. Similarly, the committee which Devin Nunes chairs is also a risk; because if Nunes is successful his committee will not be able to look away from the intelligence product(s) he puts in front of them.

Effective this week, the UniParty has deployed Senator Richard Burr and Senator Mark Warner as countermeasures.
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