Thursday, March 23, 2017

Who are the victims?

Bookworm has some things to say about the illegal alien rapists in Maryland, and the sociopaths in that state's school system and legislature
Since you all are hungry for news and keep abreast of things, you already know about the two young men who, despite being 17 and 18, and despite being manifestly in this country illegally, got enrolled as freshman at Rockville High School in Maryland. And you know that they dragged a 14-year-old girl into the restroom and brutally raped her. You may also know that the MSM has assiduously ignored this story, which doesn’t fit with the narrative of “illegal aliens as victims.” (I’m tired of calling them “immigrants.” It implies a legitimate journey to a new world. They’re aliens here.)

But did you know that the school superintendent for the Rockville High School district responded to the incident by defending allowing illegal immigrants into Maryland schools? That is, he defended allowing people who waltzed into this country on their own recognizance, without any government oversight, to just walk into an American high school.

Were he not so wrapped up in his cloud of Leftist self-righteousness, the superintendent might have noticed something that Ann Coulter had the bravery to call out, which is that people who come from backward agrarian societies have a propensity to commit child rape. They’re not as bad as those Muslims who accept the Imam’s dictums that all females are rape-worthy if they’re not locked away or outfitted in tents, but they’re more likely to do it than the average American. (And no, I’m not calling all illegal aliens rapists. But I am saying they have a cultural propensity and I’m not backing down from that fact.) As someone said, we shouldn’t be inviting people into our country who have to be taught after they arrive not to rape.

To me, that superintendent is a sociopath, putting his selfish emotional need for virtue signaling ahead of the needs of America’s children. He’s not the only one, though.

The entire Maryland legislature seems to be a haven for sociopaths. In the wake of the rape, the legislature passed a bill announcing that it is now a sanctuary state. I hope that Trump moves hard and fast to defund every single sanctuary city, state, or county in America. He’s already waited too long in my humble estimation.

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