Saturday, March 11, 2017

So, what has become of RussiaGate?

John Nolte writes at The Daily Wire,
...the media has not only found less than nothing, what has been found is a Team Trump behaving responsibly and appropriately in their dealings with Russian officials.

Best of all, the only real scandal that appears to have been uncovered involves highly-inappropriate Obama Administration surveillance of a political rival, felonious leaks from an out-of-control intelligence community, and an extra-legal federal bureaucracy. just two days, two lonely reporters and a single source had already connected the Watergate break-in to President Nixon's re-election campaign. By the time six months had passed, two Nixon officials had already been indicted, tried, and convicted!

So isn't it time to ask the following question of our Keystone Cop Media….

At what point do those few words we usually find hidden below a hysterically dishonest headline and 14 paragraphs of innuendo become The Story; at what point do those words that read "Government officials stress that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing" become The Headline…?

At what point do we demand our mainstream media put up or shut up?

I think that point has arrived.
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