Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 14 Tucker Carlson show

Segment one: NBC leaks video tape to Washington Post to try to derail the Trump candidacy. NBC lied to the public. What do you think played a bigger role in the campaign, the Russian government or the Access Hollywood tape?

Segment two: Rachael Maddow tries to grab ratings by releasing (illegally) Trump's tax returns for 2005 (he paid $38 million in taxes).
Kimberley Guilfoyle adds beauty and common sense to the that segment.

Segment three: Joe Concha, who reports on the media at The Hill, looks at how "traditional media" seeks to take down politicians with whom they disagree.

Ned Price was an intelligence officer, who has now resigned. Carlson makes the point that some intelligence officers are trying to undermine Trump.

Next a California Congressman who is trying to say Trump has ties to Russia.

Last segment: Bernie Sanders paid taxes at a 13% rate, President Obama paid a 19.6 rate, Trump paid 25%. Tucker doesn't say what year Obama and Sanders returns were for, but Trump's is for 2005.

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