Friday, March 03, 2017

Iran documents are secret-but-unclassified

Michael Ledeen writes at PJ Media,
...We are entitled to ask for the release of the secret arrangements with Iran. If the citizens don’t know what Obama/Kerry/Rhodes/Jarrett agreed to, then the whole “debate” over what Trump should do with regard to Iran is essentially meaningless.

The Iranians don’t want us to know what’s in the secret-but-unclassified documents, and the Obama crowd’s apparent agreement -- as usual -- with Iran on this issue underlines the importance of making them public.

I keep hearing that Trump’s National Security Council wants to release many important documents about which we have an urgent right to know, like the captured bin Laden stash. I hope my sources are right. We also need to know a lot more about Obama’s secret diplomacy with the ayatollahs -- particularly the role played by Valerie Jarrett, the ex-president’s new housemate.

While we’re on the subject of Iranian nukes, have a look at a terrific article published in Israel about the joint Iranian-North Korean nuclear weapons project. You’ll get a very valuable timeline and a careful analysis, which the authors summarize this way:

"Iran is steadily making progress towards a nuclear weapon and is doing so via North Korea. Iran is unwilling to submit to a years-long freeze of its military nuclear program as stipulated by the July 2015 Vienna Nuclear Deal. North Korea is ready and able to provide a clandestine means of circumventing the deal, which would allow the Iranians to covertly advance that nuclear program. At the same time, Iran is likely assisting in the upgrading of certain North Korean strategic capacities."

I wonder if there are clues to the Iranian covert program, with or without the North Koreans, in those documents stashed away in the Capitol Building. By now, the excellent people that Mike Flynn put in charge of Middle Eastern and intelligence issues probably know a lot about that stash, and my guess is they’d be very happy to make it all public.

With all the excitement about Russian secrets, it’s time to look carefully at Iranian schemes.
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