Monday, December 03, 2012

"What does Jesus get for his birthday?"

That is a question one of Ann Voskamp's children asked her one Christmas season. Her family talked about it, then decided that Christmas would be a day for giving back to Jesus. Here are some of her suggestions.

Colleen and I have decided that I will find a place where all eight of us can volunteer on Christmas Day, as our birthday present to Jesus. Perhaps a church serving meals to homeless people in downtown Denver. Then, later in the day we will exchange gifts to each other based on who gets picked in a drawing. One gift for each family member. As we break bread together. "Life is much better with food."

Ann Voskamp, at the link in the first paragraph of this post, has seven ways to encourage kids to be more grateful as they get involved in celebrating the birth of Jesus. Making the emphasis on giving, instead of getting.


Terri Wagner said...

I love these kind of ideas. Let us know how it went.

Mrs. Who said...

I've thought of serving a meal on Christmas...maybe to local service members who can't make it home...