Thursday, December 27, 2012

Seven suggestions to prevent the next Newtown

Michelle Malkin, never a shy one, urges all of us to speak up, get involved, not look the other way. She provides seven suggestions about what we can do to prevent tragedies like Newtown.

7. Teach our kids about the acts of heroes in times of crisis.

6. Train our kids. When they see something troublesome or wrong, they should say something.

5. Limit our kids’ time online and control their exposure to desensitizing cultural influences.

4. If you see a parent struggling with an out-of-control child, don’t look the other way.

3. There are millions of children, teens, and young adults suffering from very real mental illnesses. Be silent no more about your family’s experiences, your struggles, your pains, and your fears. Speak up.

2. Prepare and protect your community.

1. Teach our kids to value and respect life by valuing and respecting them always. And in loving and valuing life, teach them also not to fear death.

Read how she fills in each of these points here:

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