Sunday, December 30, 2012

Losing a protector

Yesterday a friend of mine at work was doing a menial chore. I jokingly asked her if this is what she had envisioned for herself when, as a little girl, she dreamed about what she would do when she grew up.

She answered immediately, "I wanted to be a cop!" In fact, she enrolled in criminology classes in college in order to advance toward that goal. In one of those classes, as I understand her explanation, a sort of video game was played. The scene was domestic violence. A man had beaten up his wife, and was holding a gun to his child's head. My friend was the cop called to the scene. She waited for him to be distracted, then "took him out!"

The professor was appalled, and counseled my friend to find another career. He explained that the proper response would have been for her to find a way to negotiate with the man.

Thus, a college professor caused us to lose a protector.

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