Saturday, December 01, 2012

The choices we make

Are you making your own reality? It's not easy, is it? We win some, and lose some. Are the losses replaceable? If not likely, how do we proceed? I think many of us turn to an assortment of addictions that turn out to be poor substitutes for what we have lost, and actually result in causing more losses.

Do we really know what is good for us? Should we try getting a little more sleep, so our cells can rejuvenate? Should we eat healthier? Should we avoid something pleasurable when we know it also has bad consequences?

If God created us with such an intricate, miraculous design, doesn't it follow that He wants us to make choices that are good for us? Maybe we should ask Him for the strength and wisdom to make good choices.

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swiftone said...

Find Focus, leave regrets behind, yeah, I know mostly what's good for me. Being it, doing it... walking the walk? Not as much as I'd like.