Tuesday, December 04, 2012

On Phobias and Sanity

Edward Cline writes at The Rule of Reason that

Islam has demonstrated repeatedly over fourteen centuries that it is not tolerant of other religions – because those other religions have threatened its political power. Other religions that compete for men's minds, time and money are, to Islam, intolerable. Islam, all the guff about "interfaith dialogue" to the contrary notwithstanding, is the "one, true" religion. Wherever it has gone, wherever it has planted settlers or immigrants or fifth columnists, Islam must, by its totalitarian nature, become supreme and all-encompassing. We see this happening in Europe. All other beliefs, all other creeds, must defer to it, by hook, crook, or scimitar. All must "submit," which is the literal meaning of the term Islam.

Is it sane to be "Islamophobic"? Resoundingly, yes, and most especially if one has at least a passing knowledge of Islam's nature and its history of murder, slavery, plunder, and empire building. It means that one is fearful of Islam in and of itself, and also contemptuous of Westerners in and out of government whose policies aim to "reconcile" the irreconcilable systems of Islam and freedom.

Cline also asks if it is sane to be "Obamaphobic." Go here to read his blog post on the Sanity of Islamophobia, and to get his answer to the question: http://ruleofreason.blogspot.com/

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