Wednesday, November 07, 2012

"The iceberg has been struck"

(Google is still not allowing paragraphs here at Blogger. I respect the writer I am linking to below, but I disagree with the gloominess implicit in his remarks. I will just write another post, since Blogger will still not allow paragraphs in the posts here on this blog). Does it matter? Rico, who never hesitates to tell us what he thinks in his columns at the Theo Spark blog, believes that "It is naive, if not daft, to think that either one would somehow do "less damage" than the other. - The damage has already been done, the iceberg has been struck, and the math guarantees the calamity we face will be the same. Who gets to wear the Captain's hat when the Titanic sinks really does not matter at this point. There are only two options left. 1. Prepare for this to end badly, and 2. Prepare for this to end badly. You may say I'm crying wolf, but please remember that in the end the wolf came."

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