Sunday, November 25, 2012

How's that for fair?"

Bruce McQuain, writing at the Questions and Observations blog, has an idea for those who are criticizing Wal-Mart.

"But for those who can’t let this go, I have an idea. Each and every Wal-Mart store ought to establish at least one check-out line which is for those who want to pay the highest retail price found for the items they’re going to purchase. Wal-Mart could research that, have the cash register price the items according to that research and at the end the Wal-Mart associate could say to the person, “and you over-paid by $53.00, have a nice day.”

"Wal-Mart would then promise to take the difference between their prices and the premium prices and apply it to the pay of all Wal-Mart associates."

"How’s that for fair? And people in that line wouldn’t have to feel like hypocrites when they diss Wal-Mart for it’s presumably low pay while they continue to buy at the store."

"Of course, that particular line would likely to look like something out of a Halloween display, all covered in cob-webs and the like."

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