Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Our choir keeps getting smaller"

Jon Caldera at The Cauldron writes that he thinks those of us on "team liberty" stink at entertainment. Why? "Our team is prudish, stale, peevish and as easy to be offended as a Women’s Studies professor. We are great in communicating within our own team. We like to sing to our choir. News flash: our choir keeps getting smaller. And we keep losing."

So what does Mr. Smarty Pants Caldera recommend as a solution? That we follow the lead of the left! "The Left knows how to lead with entertainment first, not message. The humor and jokes, the compelling tale, and the great music come first. Then they slip in the message, insults and whiny lyrics."

Not only that, but then Caldera links us to the top ten South Park episodes promoting liberty! I watched the one on "Wallmart," where I learned what will happen when I die, and where the heart of "Wallmart" can be found.

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