Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gross Negligence?

Do you want to hear an example of gross negligence? It has been revealed that the law enforcement person who searched the computer at Casey Anthony's house searched the Internet Explorer browser, but not the Mozilla Firefox browser! If he would have searched the Firefox browser, he would have learned that someone did a search on "foolproof suffication" (mispelling suffocation) on the day Caylee was last seen alive!

Update: Jose Baez, Casey's attorney in the criminal case, says that what is being reported is not true. He says that law enforcement scanned the entire computer, and he was surprised that they did not bring up the suffocation search, which the defense team knew about, Baez believes it was related to Casey's father's thoughts about committing suicide. George Anthony is the father, who Casey claims sexually abused Casey when Casey was a child, and who did try to commit suicide a few months after the trial of Casey.

How did the information about the computer searches come out? Because Baez has written a book entitled Presumed Guilty in which he brings up the issue, and says he believes the state had the information, but did not bring it up because it would have actually helped Casey's defense. Why? Because George Anthony claimed that Casey left the house at 12:50, and the search was done more than one hour later. Did Casey Anthony help cover up a murder committed by her father? You don't think a man who sexually abuses his own daughter is capable of murdering his grandaughter?


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