Sunday, November 25, 2012

Flash mobs for safety of children

Here's a good idea. Can we create flash mobs for safety when we see a parent about to lose it with his or her child? Maggie McCann Pike writes in The Denver Post that a stick of gum may be a starting point to get a parent to relax.

"A short time later, at dusk, I was walking to my car outside King Soopers. Suddenly, a sharp screech pierced the air. "Get over here, you [expletive] brat." The child protested, the mother screamed louder. She yanked his arm and threw him into the car before reaching for the second child, fury warping her face.

My heart was pounding, but I planted myself in the middle of the parking lot and faced her dead-on, furtively slipping the gum from my purse. Soon, another customer got out of his car and positioned himself in plain view. Then another and another appeared out of nowhere, like a hallelujah flash mob.

Within minutes, a posse of seven people encircled this woman, each one of us ready to use whatever "gum" we had to rescue a child if needed. There was not a word spoken among us, but it was clear this woman was not going to get away with hurting her children as long as we were around. Regrettably, we weren't able to change the core problem; all we could do was our best in that moment. And we did.

Talk of remaking our social service agencies to better protect our children abounds. But how about this: Can we gather together as humankind and serve as an important branch of protective services for kids?"

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