Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Two questions as we move "forward"

As I continue to beg Google and Blogger to fix the problem of paragraphs running altogether into one blob when I post something, I will ask two questions today about the election. One is should we start to pay attention to the way that the left hires organizers to register voters? Here in Colorado, I heard Jon Caldera say that paid organizers registered thousands of voters (I cannot recall if the number was fifty thousand or eighty thousand). The one job you could always count on seeing at Craig's List over the past few years was organizer or canvasser for left wing causes. Is it time for those of us on the right of center to consider paying organizers to promote our agenda items, and not just depend on armies of unpaid volunteers? Second, is it time to choose candidates who have a bit more edge to them? I liked Newt Gingrich because he was able to confront the leftist media. Ronald Reagan built his reputation taking on the protesting college students in San Francisco, as Governor, the firing the air traffic controllers, and bombing Ghadaffi's house, as President. Romney brought up Benghazi, then backed away when Candy Crowley backed Obama's version of events.

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