Monday, February 11, 2013

Must watch: Parody of the Paul Harvey Super Bowl commercial

This is a hilarious video; a parody of the one I posted yesterday about God making farmers. This one is God made factory farmers. Why? Because it used to be that 90% of us were farmers; now it's less than 1%. So God made factory farms. Then, God wanted to maximize yields; so God made pesticides and herbicides and genetically modified seeds. And God let Monsanto patent those seeds. Sometimes agribusiness grows crops that no one needs; so God noticed that there was a big surplus of corn; so God made high fructose corn syrup, then God made Mountain Dew. Then God noticed that Americans were not willing to do farm labor any more, so God made Mexicans.

Nevertheless, the word "farmer" still evokes salt-of-the-earth American Gothic imagery, and, from a marketing standpoint, that would be a helpful thing to associate with a car manufacturer who nearly went bankrupt due to mismanagement.

Here it is:

Why didn't I think of this? Well, even if I would have, I don't have the video capabilities.

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