Monday, February 18, 2013

North American comfort-induced numbness

Ann Voskamp and her family of nine, which includes her mom, embarked over the weekend on a mission trip to Haiti. In her blog A Holy Experience she shares some of her thoughts and observations.

When thanksgiving hits a tipping point, it becomes thanksliving and catapults us straight into the will of Christ.

What if the American Dream is a false religion that preaches God alone isn’t good enough?

When did North American comfort-induced numbness ever lament like this?

Blessed are those at the end of their rope because they can be tied to God.

Blessed are those who find themselves wholly empty, because they have space to be holy filled with God.

When was the last time I didn’t have any language at all to shield me from God?

“Only he who cries… is permitted to sing…” is what Bonhoeffer said.

Only he who cries… is permitted to sing….

Only those authentic enough to lament, are authentic enough to love.

And these people know how to sing.

When everything is stripped away and you have nothing left and in all your bare vulnerability, there is communion with God.

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