Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Capacity to Enjoy

Dr. Bob Godwin at One Cosmos points out that Barack
Obama was plucked from obscurity by people who wish to destroy America, such as Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall. Mission Accomplished.
Bob wrote a blog post Thursday about the pursuit of happiness, and how that gets formed by those on the left side of politics.
Now, this question of happiness is a crucial one, because the vast majority of unconstitutional policies promoted by the left find safe harbor under the rubric of "the pursuit of happiness." Someone's supposed "unhappiness" pretty much justifies anything the left wishes to do to us, just as desire instantaneously converts to constitutionality for the left, i.e., "if I want it, it's a right" (say, if I want to murder my baby or force someone else to pay for my birth control).
Bob shows how the number of Americans in poverty was dropping when Lyndon Johnson pushed the War on Poverty through Congress, but the figures now are almost identical to 1965 when the programs were enacted. Moreover,
In their wildest dreams the KKK couldn't have accomplished what the left has done -- and Obama is doing -- to blacks. But that's what leftists do: to paraphrase Thomas Sowell, they replace what works with what sounds good.)
So, do you have to be above the poverty line to enjoy life? No! Bob quotes from The Pursuit of Happiness and Good Government by Charles Murray:
"Money buys access to things and possibilities but not to the capacity to enjoy them"
So, how do we get that capacity to enjoy? And, what, or whom, are we enjoying?

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