Friday, February 15, 2013

Blocking frustrations

What do you do when you experience frustrations? It is interesting to observe how people handle experiences that have the potential to cause frustration. A few people seem to think nothing difficult should ever come their way! They just waddle in their alleged victimhood!

I am so fortunate that I have a job with lots of people-contact. The customers I encounter in my job are, for the most part, friendly and well-mannered. I purposely feed off the positive interactions and thank God for the opportunity to meet and serve such fine people.

Another thing I do is sing, whistle, and hum tunes. I grew up attending a VERY SOBER Methodist church with my parents and sister. When I went to college on an athletic scholarship, it was to a Baptist university in Texas. There I attended Baptist churches. What a difference! Those people sang hymns with a terrific gusto! I loved it, and I learned lots of songs of praise.

Nowadays when I am feeling frustrated about something, I purposely dig down in my mind for memories of those joyful songs, and sing, whistle and hum them until I forget my frustrations and begin to enjoy my day.

Here is the one I was singing, whistling and humming today. Guaranteed to block any negativity that might be trying to enter your mind!

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