Sunday, February 10, 2013

"America's Doctor" (Especially American Women)

Have you noticed that every week Dr. Oz is on the cover of Woman's Day, Woman's World, or some other magazine for women? Michael Specter writes a very thorough piece about Dr. Oz in The New Yorker. A small excerpt:

Oz refers to the academic world as a “fortress,” and he is determined to tear down its walls. In the past, his enthusiasms, even when unsupported by data, have usually fulfilled the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. Lately, however, he seems to have moved more firmly into the realm of tenuous treatments for serious conditions. On one recent episode, “Dr. Oz’s 13 Miracles for 2013,” he included “a revolutionary new way to live years longer: it’s red palm oil.” He went on, “Its red color is perfect, because I think of it as a stop sign for aging.” I asked Oz several times why he promotes that kind of product, and allows psychics, homeopaths, and purveyors of improbable diet plans and dietary supplements to appear on the show. He said that he takes his role as a medium between medicine and the people seriously, and he feels that such programs offer his audience a broader perspective on health.

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