Monday, February 11, 2013

Life isn't a race - but a grace

Ann Voskamp puts on her neon rainbow socks, stuffs her feet into black boots, and "races" off to New York to do the Today Show with Kathy Lee Gifford. Success? Her book has now been on the N.Y. Times bestseller list 60 weeks. But, no, success is something else:

The only turn we can take toward real success — is to do what we are made for: glorify God, one step after the other.

Man’s only successful end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him for ever — His grace upon gifts upon grace.

Life isn’t a race — but a grace.

And you can always enjoy the journey when you are enjoying Him.

Jesus is the joy and He is the journey and He is the destination and success is simply a matter of enjoying God right where you are.

Especially when you have neon rainbow socks inside your black boots:

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