Monday, November 05, 2012

Was Ambassador Stevens Set Up for a Classic "Mob Hit?"

(Note to reader: Blogger has blocked paragraphs. I have asked them to correct the problem.) Was Ambassador Stevens set up? Doug Hagman believes so, and he has written the scenario here: "As Stevens meets the Turk, the stage is being set for a classic “mob” hit, but not just your run-of-the-mill hit. It’s an international “mob hit” with two puvrposes. First, stop the flow of arms to Syria, and also send a message to Obama and others that Syria and Russia is not to be trifled with, and in so doing, expose the operation to the world as well. It’s been reported that during the meeting, the “hit teams” were closing off the streets and other access points around the CIA operations center. They were getting ready to assault the compound. It is interesting that the Turk is able to leave unmolested from the compound, by now surrounded by those dispatched to carry out the hit. After the Turk’s departure, it is likely and even customary that Stevens sent a cable to Washington, perhaps letting Clinton and Obama know that there is a problem - the operation has been compromised. Obama and his cohorts know the operation has been compromised, and they enter into a full cover mode. Difficult to believe? Then why has no one yet questioned the Turk who met Stevens?" Read much more here:

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