Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Running, jumping, and climbing

I just spent a wonderful four days with my three youngest children, Greg, Jon, and Sara. One of their favorite things to do is to go to a trampoline place in Arvada, Colorado on a weekday when there aren't so many other kids there. Although they enjoy the place a lot, Jon and Greg really prefer parkour, a discipline that developed out of military obstacle course training. They run freely, jump on and over challenging objects, climb walls, and more. They almost feel that trampolining is cheating, because the trampoline aids in the process, instead of the person doing it all by his own strength and agility. Well,
Here are some photos at the trampoline place. Greg climbs up the ropes, and then finds an interesting place to jump. Jon does a flip (I can't remember if this was a front or back flip)
Greg runs up the ramp, then leaps onto a rope swing.
Greg flies over the obstacles. Sara just has fun, being careful not to do something that would cause an injury.

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