Saturday, February 09, 2013

He is for drone kills, but against waterboarding

C.I.A. Director-designate John Brennan had his confirmation hearing Thursday. Apparently drone strikes were a major part of the hearing. Guess who wants to regulate drone strikes? Dianne Feinstein! The A.P. reports,

Feinstein said she and a number of other senators are considering writing legislation to set up a special court system to regulate drone strikes, similar to the one that signs off on government surveillance in espionage and terror cases. "I think there's an absence of knowing exactly who is responsible for what decision. So I think we need to look at this whole process and figure a way to make it transparent and identifiable."

Here is the part I don't get. Brennan is for using drones, which kill terrorists, and maybe a few innocent women and children here and there, but he is vehemently against waterboarding!

In a long afternoon in the witness chair, Brennan declined to say if he believes waterboarding amounts to torture, but he said firmly it is "something that is reprehensible and should never be done again."

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