Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The holy enlightened path to utopia

Well, I haven't seen this before. A writer who calls Abe Lincoln a "red dictator" and a "Marxist animal." Who is writing this? A Russian! Stanislav Mishin writes

America was some what lucky, in that after the American Civil War, the Red Lincoln dictator was assassinated and in that wake, the some ground was won back from the Marxists Republicans. However, over the next 140 years, the Marxists, first in the guise of the Radical Republicans, than in the Liberal Democrats and finally as both, are reaching the final point of take over anyways.

In Russia, we were less lucky, the grind of Marxism came hard and heavy, shortly after Admiral Kulchaks defeat.We suffered under that evil curse for 70 years and still feel the linger claws of its deathly grip and the curse of the revisionists still in our midst.

It is time to grab your cross, your icons and stand and never back off, for the Red menace will not leave all its own and its thirst for the blood of innocence has never and will never know satisfaction, for in the eyes of these soulless fools, they are the just and historically correct and we nothing but road blocks on the their holy enlightened path to Utopia.

Read more here: http://www.mat-rodina.blogspot.ru/2013/01/a-general-and-admiral-martyrs-in-war.html

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