Wednesday, January 02, 2013

People who would like to know what is in the Kool-Aid, before we drink it

Ace of Spades notes

There used to be a time when the media was willing to entertain the possibility that Democratic politicians were lying, or at least fudging the truth. We all know that when someone quits office "to spend more time with his family," he was fired, for example.

The conservative media expressed skepticism about Hillary Clinton's concussion-by-falling, wondering if there wasn't more to the story -- like her attempting to evade testifying about Benghazi. (Which they've also decided we should express no skepticism about!)

The liberal media pounced -- because its role is no longer to question Democratic political authorities, or express any skepticism whatsoever about their claims, but to act as their Public Relations arm simply claim that everything a Democrat says is true.

But this puts them in a remarkable, risible position, far more incredible and lunatic than any position they're seeking to define themselves against: postulating, incredibly, that there is an alien species upon the earth, a species which looks human but in fact is otherworldly, and which simply does not have the human capacity for deception or self-dealing behavior, and this strange absolutely-ethically-pure alien species is commonly known as "Liberal Politicians."

This is a dangerous moment. I keep saying this, but I do think Tyranny is in the air. When the press decides that our Dear Leaders are above suspicion, and any suspicion is evidence of both mental illness and treason simultaneously, we're living on the cusp of Chavez-like times.


People Who Would Like To Know What's In the Kool-Aid, Before We Drink It, If That's Quite All Right By You

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Terri said...

I just can't figure out how to break their strangle hold...I'm still convinced we need only get 10-15% of Americans on our side to fix this mess. But how can we do that with this media? Solutions, I'm looking for solutions.