Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We want to know

Pamela Geller writes at Atlas Shrugs about tomorrow's testimony by Hillary Clinton on Benghazi.

Neither flu nor virus nor concussion of the haid stays this dissembler from the not-so-swift testimony of the Obama administration's abject failure in Libya.

C-SPAN3 will telecast Secretary of State Clinton's Benghazi testimony tomorrow Wednesday the 23, January 2013 From 9 to 11:30 (EDT)

I expect that Clinton will lie. Profusely. She is a liar. Her husband is a liar. She lives a lie. But this is hardly a game, and national security is a stake. This is her last act as the less than stellar Secretary of State. Legislators must get to the bottom of the epic failures of Benghazi that led to murder of our Ambassador and three US attaches.

Obama's foreign policy failures are without equal.

We want to know what policy was in effect that led to the sanction of the very jihadists who attacked and murdered our people.

We want to know we gave the order to stand down and not respond to the four desperate calls for help from our security on the ground.

We want to know where is the statecraft behind Obama's support of the ouster and brutal rape and murder of Qaddafi that led to the jihad takeover of Mali and their agitation in Chad, Niger, Darfur, and Nigeria.

We want to know how weapons we supplied to jihadists in Libya wound up in the hands of jihadists in Algeria who took hundreds hostage, leading to the death of 81.

We want to know how Obama could declare that Al Qaeda was vanquished when it flies in the face of the increased and more lethal attacks worldwide.

We want to know if the State Department is engaged in negotiations to release the mastermind behind the WTC bombing in 93, a demand by the jihadists in Algeria, Libya and Egypt (including Muslim Brotherhood Morsi).

We want to know why SoS Clinton blamed the attacks on our embassies in Cairo and Libya in 911 on freedom of expression (a youtube video) when there was no proof to this ficticious contention. Why deceive the American people? To what end?


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