Friday, January 04, 2013

Al Gorezeera

William Kevin Stoos writes a satirical piece about Al Gore's latest $100 million dollar windfall. Al Gore

former owner of a massive house which consumed ten times the power of a 10,000 person city, owner of interests in zinc mines and other environmentally incorrect holdings, and winner of the Nobel Prize for Eco Hypocrisy, Inventor of the Internet and Almost President, Al recently pulled off a major coup by selling his lackluster media empire to Al Jazeera, owned by Qatar, for hundreds of millions of dollars.

In an interview, Gore was asked,

“But don’t you feel a little sheepish about it? You know—bought with oil money and all?”

“Not in the least. Besides, their money is green,” Gore chuckled, “and as you know, I am all about green.”

“Yeah but Al Jazeera? The anti-West, anti-Jewish network? Isn’t this just one more foot in the door for the gradual Islamization of America?” Hugh asked.

“No worries—they promised me they will run nothing but cartoons, old reruns of Lassie, MASH, Little House on the Prairie and stuff like that,” Gore replied. “They are going to offer some original programming like ‘Taming the Jewish Dog” which I believe is a show devoted to dog training in Israel, ‘Fighting the Great Satan’ which is a religious program about resisting the temptations of the Devil, and other stuff like that. Oh, yeah, another one I like is ‘The Osama Bin Bombin Show,’ which I understand explores the wonders of Chemistry. They have assured me that they will be a very moderate voice with no particular agenda. And I, being all about free speech, encourage it.”

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