Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We'll hear about gas prices...after Romney gets elected

Though she is "internet fasting," The Anchoress could not resist ranting about gas prices in New York: 
"You know, I don’t drive much. I don’t even leave the house much. But sometimes I have to go out, and sometimes I even need to gas up the car, but since I do it infrequently, I’m not always aware of the gas prices.

So, imagine my surprise when I went to my favorite gas station and found “regular” gas running at 4.19 per gallon. Yeah, even higher than that picture!

Yes, I was shocked, and while I pumped my $40 worth, I chatted with the fellow on the other side of the aisle who was watching the digit-counters while shaking his head.

“I hadn’t realized gas had gotten so expensive,” I said.

“You live on Mars?” he asked.

“Well, you know, I’m not even seeing it being reported on in the headlines,” I answered. “I just lost track.”

“That’s true,” he said, as though it was a new awareness. “Usually there are news reports…”

Yeah, there are. Pulling away with my not-full tank of gas, I considered the media silence on these high gas prices, and I began to get mad. Once upon a time — and not that long ago — high gas prices were leading stories on nightly news programs. Grim-faced anchors introduced stories of family budgets becoming strained; earnest reporters shoved microphones into the faces of working people and asked whether they were having to make hard choices. It was all very solemn and serious. People were choosing between food and fuel, and winter was coming, and home-heating oil would likely be sky-high, too, and we all knew whose fault it was, didn’t we?

But now, with gas at $4.19 — higher, near the expressway — here in New York? Not a whisper. Not a headline.

Gosh, if only Mitt Romney had “big oil” pals. We’d hear about this story every night, and I wouldn’t have been so surprised, today.

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