Tuesday, August 01, 2017

"Can the GOP survive any further lessons?"

Ace of Spades writes,
Media Gushed Over John McCain's "Profile in Courage" as He Locked Obamacare Into Place

The video compilation here leaves no doubt as to the media's position on Obamacare. They're gushing at a rate of liquid discharge I'd rate as a 40 centiobamas.

Ed Morrissey notes Trump is trying to goad the Senate GOPe into taking up Obamacare repeal again, but the Senate GOPe is refusing.

That's pretty terrible. You don't get to lie to everyone forever without consequences. As Eric Cantor said, many in Congress never expected to really repeal Obamacare, but they "rode the anger" for their own political benefit.

Stipulated, "riding the anger" is a useful motivating tool for turnout.

But what happens when people see their anger is being cynically exploited by liars and liberals? How many more times does the GOPe expect it can "ride the anger" without ever doing anything positive to make their voters less angry?

And what happens when the anger being ridden is turned against the GOPe?

You'd think the GOPe would have a partial answer to that question -- the last time the base felt like it was being used like a cheap lay, it revolted by nominating (and electing) Trump.

Do they need further lessons?

Can the GOP survive any further lessons?
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