Tuesday, August 01, 2017

We can have the best health care system in the world, and also one of the least expensive!

Scott Adams is using something called Periscope: live video to communicate with his viewers in a way that feels like one-to-one communication. I really like it, because the way he does it is very relaxed, which causes me to relax and think about what he is saying.

He starts out by discussing the irrational panic anti-Trumpers are expressing to him on Twitter. They do it with sarcasm. As Scott points out, first they were wrong about Trump being able to win the nomination. Second, they were wrong about him being able to win the presidency. Third, they were wrong about him being Hitler. Fourth, they asserted his administration would forever be chaotic. Now he has hired General Kelly to bring smooth professionalism to the White House. That's often how things go; messy at first, then after about six months the leader makes sweeping changes to right the ship.

We elected Trump to break stuff. You don't build new buildings on top of old ones that are falling apart. You have to bring in a guy who knows how to demolish first, then build! Someone who is resilient.

It is hard to break stuff, but Americans know how to build stuff. That is the confidence Trump supporters have in him. On the other hand, Democrats and #NeverTrumpers do not share our confidence. Especially people who are living close to the margin. They fear risk and change. They are nervous and insecure about their own lives. It is not irrational to fear change. But Trump supporters are thinking big (or bigly?).

You can drive your car with four flat tires, but you won't get very far. Our health care system is sucking resoures out of our economy and our military. We want our health care to be the best in the world, like our military is and like our economy is. We need better and cheaper health care. Technology and innovation is what will get us there.

Mark Cuban asked in a tweet, "If everybody had health care, would we be healthier? That is another topic for discussion another day!

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