Sunday, January 22, 2017

The "I'm a victim" excuse didn't work this time

Jim Hoft has a classic this morning at Gateway Pundit. An angry leftist was verbally abusing a man who was boarding a plane to Seattle after attending the Trump inauguration. Her meek little husband sat there and did nothing, while she spewed hatred on the Trump supporter. When she was removed from the plane, people cheered and shouted USA, USA! The stewardess was very cool, as was the man who informed the woman she was being ejected.

The woman, of course, tried to excuse her behavior by saying she had been attending a funeral of her mother-in-law. Portraying herself as a victim of a traumatic event. Don't they always try to flip it to the victimhood button?

Go here to see two videos of the event, taken by passengers sitting nearby.

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kurt9 said...

The flight attendant and the man who removed this lady from the plane were totally cool and professional. They are a credit to the industry.