Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"full-throated, high T, unapologetically masculine actions"

Well, Chateau Heartiste is one writer who is happy with Trump's first week:
The most nourishing ingredient in Trump’s battle stew may be that by his actions — full-throated, high T, unapologetically masculine actions — Trump is throwing into stark relief the GOPe cucks’ utterly degrading futility over decades as the leftoid message machine’s stepinfetchit house eunuchs. Trump is showing how much can be done with seemingly INCREDIBLE EASE by just SACKING UP and grabbing the pussies of the world to let them know a new shitlord is in town, and he’s not gonna wait for the crybullies to get in his grill before his guns are out firing round after round.

That’s Trump’s true gift to America: He has exposed the cucks’ ineffectual and treasonous cowardice for everyone to see. There is no coming back from this.
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