Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump at the helm!

President Trump Is In The House!
Guest post by Suzann Darnall

White House, that is. And, he is definitely large and in charge! I am not sure Washington, DC, politics as usual, has any idea what has hit them. Not to mention the poor little shell-shocked Lame-Steamed Media. Oh my, but it is wonderful!!!

Pretty sure it will not be politics as usual for so long as President Trump is in office. I am also pretty sure that the media had best learn how to play nice or Trump will not play at all. So far it seems that he is not going to allow them to twist his words, abuse his family, or lie about the facts. Good for him! I am tired of America being wrecked by the corrupt politicians and inept journalists who are not doing their jobs.

To be fair, the rather pitiful Progressives have been reeling since the election when they got soundly beat at all levels of government across this nation. It was the political version of “Flip This House” with governorships, State Legislations, and Federal elections going from blue to red even in some places traditionally Democratic. So, having been further gut-punched by President Trump hitting the ground at a dead run and already doing what he promised, I guess it is understandable that they are unable to adequately comprehend and respond to current events.

They are used to the Golfer-in-Chief being on vacation. Having an honest-to-God Commander-in Chief being at work is a novelty for them. Something tells me they are going to have to learn to work themselves, too. I suspect Congress is not gonna be spending quite so much time merely voting present or taking vacations as they have grown accustomed to doing. And, I don’t think journalists are gonna be able to get away with just phoning in their usual Progressives litany of talking points . . . at least not without taking a hit from President Trump and his White House press people.

Not only has President Trump done more for America since his inauguration, he was already making improvements before he was sworn in. This is a man with a work ethic, an honest vision, and a love for America. He is a patriotic businessman with international connections and a grasp of what needs to be done. In addition, he has surrounded himself with smart people who can help him turn his plans into a reality. While he has definite ideas about what he wants to do, he is wise enough to be guided into making changes when it is prudent. He is neither a demagogue nor a dictator. He is a leader!

I gotta say, I feel a whole lot safer and way more hopeful with President Trump at the helm of our ship of State. And, yes, I do love using that term: President Trump! God bless our President and God bless our nation!!!


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