Monday, January 23, 2017

She was not brainwashed

Alicia Colon writes at Jewish World Review,
...The reason why I have always been politically on the right is that I was fortunate to have a very religious mother and I never went to public school, thus I have never been brainwashed.

The totally insane reactions to Donald trump's election by the progressive left is proof that their brains have been wired to behave against traditional Judeo-Christian values. If it sometimes seems as if the whole world has been turned upside down and common sense has been thrown out the window, well, it has and we can trace this disastrous progressive movement to the 1940's and Nazi Germany.

#Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and other protest organizations were perfect examples of blind subservience to Marxist dogma and ignorance of reality.

Watching the protests of President Trump during his inaugurations was heartbreaking in that on display were so many Americans completely lobotomized by a corrupt mainstream media which has fueled them with lies and disinformation. Calling Donald Trump Hitler and repeating the false charges of racism against him is completely following Alinsky's Rules For Radicals modus operandi.

It is worth noting that Alinsky dedicated his book to acknowledge the first successful radical --- Lucifer. It is also worth noting that in his inauguration Speech, President Trump said, "And most importantly, we will be protected by G0D."

Here's hoping that the light of truth will once again shine and break through the fog clouding the minds of those trapped by the enemies of our nation. MAGA.
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