Monday, January 23, 2017

"President Trump is methodically fracturing the UniParty."

Sundance writes at Conservative Treehouse,
The America-First winning is exponential. Union leadership met today with a pro-jobs, pro-growth, pro-USA president. Leadership from construction/manufacturing, pipe fitters, steel workers and industrial machinist unions met today with President Trump and exit the meeting with incredible praise for the respect he showed them.

...Trump is exponentially smart, and knows how to present a very specific and truthful outline of principle for the American electorate. Within those bold truths, decades of manipulative political efforts deployed by his political opposition is simply destroyed like a feather in a hurricane.

This is jaw-droppingly brilliant stuff which needs to be emphasized. Not only is our President focused like a laser on American interests by walking in the land of bold and dynamic truth, he’s also deconstructing all political opposition at the same time.

How are Washington DC liberal democrats going to stand against Trump, when the political constituents of traditional democrat “blue-dog” moderate groups align with him? Short answer, they can’t.

How are Washington DC big government (Wall street) Republicans going to stand up against Trump when the base of their support aligns with Trump policy. Again, short answer, they can’t.

The base of President Trump’s support is widening and deepening as rapidly as the base of his initial support was created. The difference between the two groups is the initial base trusted him because of his history on these issues; the second group, the enlarging base, are those who did not believe but are now seeing reality – He’s the real deal.

As he reshapes the political constructs, President Trump is leaving the Democrat party with only the raving moonbats as their constituency – the very far left. Additionally, those within the Republican party who oppose him are similarly revealed as big government, crony capitalistic GOPe types. In essence, President Trump is methodically fracturing the UniParty.

….Trump follows up meeting with the CEO’s and then labor unions, by IMMEDIATELY meeting with key Democrat and Republican leadership.

The party leadership is also watching Trump meet with business titans and union leadership, and he doesn’t give the UniParty any time to ‘huddle up’ and construct their political oppositional talking points.

President Trump’s schedule of urgency means the UniParty leaders have to relate to the events ‘in real time’ without the traditional poll-testing, asking the various lobbying special interests for constructs, or the ability to advance a constructed oppositional narrative.

In essence, Trump’s high energy approach, based on American values and principles, creates consistently building momentum and opposition is always reacting.

President Trump creates winning!
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