Saturday, January 07, 2017

No group of people have fared less well than blacks in the Obama years

Bookworm writes,
...The single most important thing that America could do for blacks, particularly those poor and in the inner cities, is drastically improve education for their children. Both Thomas Sowell and Juan Williams have referred to this as the major civil rights issue of our generation. Yet Obama has fought any school reform that would take a penny from Teachers’ Unions tooth and nail. His two most notorious efforts were to kill a successful school choice program in Louisiana that primarily served poor blacks, and near his first act in office, killing the DC voucher program that allowed underprivileged blacks to attend the same private schools as Obama’s own children.

Obama has never addressed, to my knowledge, any of the major problems of the bottom economic half of black society in America. It begins with black children born to single mothers in 73% of all black pregnancies. He has never addressed the criminality in that part of society, nor has he ever addressed the importance of education.

No group of people have fared less well economically than blacks under the Obama administration.
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