Friday, January 20, 2017

Honor, Courtesy, Gentility

Guest post by Suzann Darnall

I feel that honor, courtesy, and gentility are about to come back in style in Washington, DC. At least with some of the newcomers and some of those who have always been class acts. I am afraid there may be no hope for some of the old guard hangers-on who are seemingly so filled with vitriol that they cannot make a change for the better.

Anyone who doubts that Donald Trump is ultimately a gentleman with great respect for ladies, need only watch his interactions with his wife, Melania. He treats her with honor and courtesy. While he is sometimes the hard-nosed businessman, he displays a much more genteel side when he is around her. He shows this same attitude with his daughter, Ivanka. In fact, you will find he treats ladies with great respect . . . when they treat him with the same.

Is he perhaps a little less respectful of women who come at him with their claws out? Of course! Aren’t we all on the defense when an attack is launched our way? I am actually okay with a man defending himself from being denigrated unfairly. I am tired of the un-manly men that are being foisted on us in the name of political correctness. I am looking forward to having a president who has a man card and not a man bun.

I want a president who is man enough hold his own against Putin in negotiations, but also gentleman enough to hold his wife’s hand to escort her at an official function. So far I am seeing Donald Trump display his ability to do both.

I admit that I am an old-fashioned Southern girl. I like my men to have a little of Ashley Wilkes, a lot of Rhett Butler, and a touch of Bubba Redneck thrown in to add some spice and fun. While Donald Trump may be all New York, he seems to have a good mix of the qualities that I think will make him a great leader. He apparently has common sense, common decency, and common courtesy.

I believe he will deal honorably with our allies and our enemies, but it will definitely be a walk softly, carry a big stick kind of diplomacy. I think he will show courtesy to those he deals with, but he will smack them down if an iron fist is required within the velvet glove. And, I am quite sure he and his family will bring gracious gentility back to our official functions. Proper attire, proper presentations, and proper respect.

‘Cause you see, I am an old-fashioned Southern girl about these things, too. Hosts and guests have duties to one another. I like to see good manners on display. While the White House will be the Trumps’ home, it is also the People’s House. They will be the occupants and also our guests. They owe us the courtesy of treating it with respect and making us proud to have them live there. Something that has been sadly missing for the past eight years!


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