Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fix America first!

Bookworm is back! She writes,
...George Bush focused his efforts outside of America’s borders because he believed after 9/11 that America’s national security rested on fighting the enemy abroad rather than letting the enemy bring its fight to America. Things did not turn out as planned, of course, although I place most of the blame on the Democrats’ ferocious re-enactment of their Vietnam War opposition (which consigned so many southeast Asians to death and misery) and on Obama’s abrupt withdrawal from Iraq and inept handling of the “Arab Spring” for this failure. The fact is that, when George Bush left office, Iraq was pacified and Iran out of the picture.

Obama also turned his efforts away from protecting both America’s economy and its external and internal national security. I don’t need to detail the broken border, the blind eye turned to Islamic terrorism, the healthcare money hemorrhage, the job-killing regulations, the climate change boondoggle, the Middle East malfeasance, the support for Europe’s disastrous Merkel-led immigration policy, or the enthusiasm for racism driven narratives that knee-capped America’s law enforcement. Just as I have, you’ve watched those disastrous policies play out in real time.

After sixteen years of these policies, whether they were well- or badly-intended, America is like the person who’s been fumbling with someone else’s oxygen mask while neglecting his own: She is slowly dying. Until she can remedy her own situation, she is incapable of helping others.

Americans who support Trump understand that he’s the oxygen mask this nation desperately needs. He may be crude, bombastic, and narcissistic (in the traditional sense of loving himself, not in the psychiatric sense of destroying others to elevate himself), but his belief in America’s greatness and her dire need for political oxygen is genuine. The Trump inaugural speech reflected these beliefs and his proposed (and very reasonable) remedies.

Trump’s cures for America’s “Code Blue” are sensible ones: Decreasing job stifling regulations, implementing tax reform, destroying Obamacare, securing America’s borders, reinforcing the rule of law, ending the climate change scam, and rebuilding a military rendered weak through social justice policies. In addition, he’s insisting that any money America spends outside of its borders still needs to benefit America. NATO needs a re-do and the UN needs to change its ways or say good-bye to America’s essential economic support.

Oxygen. It’s all desperately needed political oxygen.

As the decidedly non-fascist Trump inaugural speech revealed, with Trump’s common-sense help, America just might survive this flight. Moreover, if Trump’s focus on America’s needs do indeed stabilize her, only then will she again be in a position to help others.
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