Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Do you really want to give the Democrats a tool to unite their fractured clans?"

At Conservative Treehouse, Sundance writes that now is not the time for Trump to move on DACA.
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), also known as “The Dreamers” executive order which has been implemented and carried out deferring immigration enforcement for the children of illegal aliens.

Trump supporters want to see the DACA executive order overturned, and it is not my intention to dispute the argument it should be because I too agree it should be overturned. However, now is not the time….

Former President Obama was asked, repeatedly, what would draw him back into the political equation to become an activist against the Trump policy and agenda implementation. At each response he continually cited DACA as the key issue which would bring him back to DC in opposition. Not Obamacare being repealed, but DACA.

Nothing would unite the various far-left activist groups more quickly than for President Trump to immediately reverse the DACA executive order. This is where prudent thought needs to be applied, and as annoying as it is – politics need to be considered.

If Trump were to take action now to remove DACA, not only would it provide the fuel to energize the opposition to his administration, he would also find few defenders within the Republican congress for immediacy in action.

Nothing would please Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi more than to have the issues around the immigration gang-of-eight bill hijack the current approach of the Trump agenda. Schumer, Pelosi and crew would enjoy nothing more than pulling out the racist, nativist, bigot cards and the media would like nothing more than to showcase them.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a nominee would be bombarded by questions about DACA and beaten up with any political nuance or misstep created by a blood-lusting anti-Trump media, while immigration activist groups were simultaneously engaged by all the coverage therein. Marches would begin immediately. Every talking point by Senator Corey Booker would be front and center.

The Democrat machine would be canonizing anyone who rose in opposition to the Trump administration based on DACA concerns. Halos handed out to Booker, Keith Ellison, Tom Perez et al. Do you really want to give the Democrats a tool to unite their fractured clans?

Additionally, all of Trump’s GOPe detractors would be empowered to act against him through various constructs of non support. Microphones and cameras would immediately be shoved into the face of Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan.

Have we forgotten that amnesty, the gang-of-eight bill, was only 48 hours from passage IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES when Eric Cantor was primaried in 2014? Even the current OMB Director nominee Rep Mick “cantalopes” Mulvaney was in support of the Go8 bill.

The scope of the political use of DACA as a weaponized narrative to undermine President Trump would be as immediate as CNN, MSNBC, FOX and the alphabets fully engaged, and Wall Street financed, gaslighting. All of it fueled by a useful narrative to destroy the Trump agenda.

DHS Secretary nominee Kelly would need patriot missile batteries outside his office and house to stave off the incoming MSM scud missile launches. The 24/7 coverage of President Obama dropping his vacation plans to rush to Washington DC would play out over screens like the white Bronco carrying OJ Simpson. David Brock would be hiring up staffs of hundreds as Hollywood poured millions into Democrat coffers to fuel a narrative and organize the takeover of urban city halls.

Mexico would be empowered with “hateful Trump” leverage in any NAFTA discussion. The southern border and protective wall?… would be more fuel in a created narrative of Trump dragging babies out of their crying mothers arms to throw them over the Rio Grande.

No, this is not winning. This is the opposite of winning. This is giving your enemy exactly what they need to create a hateful optic and a spin a usefully false narrative to diminish President Trump.

This predictable outcome is exactly why the MSM is trying to provoke President Trump and his spokespeople and representatives into the DACA conversation/debate right now.

The GOPe wing of the UniParty would also benefit from this. Heck, every oppositional entity within the swamp, who view Trump as a threat to their preferred status-quo, would work on this effort.

Think prudently. Remember, cold anger does not act to spite itself. Be politically wise and understand the larger goals.

Yes, DACA will be removed – in a logical, methodical, prudent and sequential time frame. Know and understand the enemy.

Now is not the time to act on this issue.

Think carefully.

Trust our elected leadership.
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