Saturday, January 21, 2017

"Calcified stupidity"

Sarah A. Hoyt thinks she understands what problems the "resisters" might be having.
They don’t get the bill of rights or the importance of negative rights. The long list of things the government is NOT supposed to impinge on. (To be fair, our school system never taught them that, or the importance of keeping a system that can put you in jail from sticking their nose into everything you do. They also never taught them that countries who don’t have that protection end in mass graves.

...the majority of people in America, whatever their color, still trusts our form of government, still wants rule of law and a “fair go” as the Austrians say, and simply want someone who doesn’t actively hate America at the helm. If you keep up dividing Americans into arbitrary groups and assigning victimhood and blame to groups not people (Yeah, you think Obama’s daughters are more oppressed than a the white son of a single, unemployed mother? You have rocks in your head. They’re made of calcified stupidity.)

...But you can find affirmation and love and purpose in your own life. It’s under that “right to the pursuit of happiness” thing. Go and pursue.
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