Sunday, January 15, 2017

A calf is born on a snowy morning.

Tending to the fire is one of my most important jobs here. So imagine my surprise when I came into the room and saw a fire blazing away in the wood stove, with the door ajar, so this baby calf could get warm. He was born less than one-half hour before this picture was taken. Colleen was present at his birth, and noticed how badly he was shivering, so she brought him in and put him next to the warm fire.

Our friend Amanda was here, and immediately began nurturing this little guy as he warmed up.

Okay, he's warm now, it's time to stand up, and go find your mama!

There she is! Now hurry up, mama, it's cold out here, and I'm hungry. I've been alive a whole hour with nothing to eat!

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