Sunday, January 06, 2013

Hillary and the truth

Guy Benson writes at Town Hall about Hillary Clinton's still unknown date wherein she will testify before Congress in Benghazi hearings. He asks these questions:

Why were US security personnel pulled out of Libya, even as Amb. Stevens warned of heightened risks?

Why was the Benghazi consulate operating below the bare minimum standards for a US diplomatic compound, especially after our government learned that at least ten known Islamist militias were operating in the city?

Was the president made aware of the numerous desperate pleas for help from two former SEALs, who battled the terrorists for seven hours before being killed? If not, why not? If so, what was his response?

Which government officials, specifically, watched the attack unfold in real time -- hour after excruciating hour -- via footage from an American drone? Was that drone armed?

Why were American forces and resources not deployed to help defeat the enemy, particularly while several Americans were alive and urgently seeking reinforcements? Why was a key counterterrorism task force not convened during the attack?

I'd also be curious about the veracity of recent reports that some of the State Department officials who "resigned" over this outrage (including the infamous Charlene Lamb) have simply been reassigned, and remain on the payroll. Secretary Clinton might also be able to provide some answers on emerging indications that Libyan governmental officials were complicit in the deadly attacks. If true, this revelation would cast an even greater shadow upon our intervention in that country, and raise even more questions about the broader Arab Spring. Finally, there's a political element to all of this. Will the Benghazi scandal complicate any 2016 presidential plans Hillary may be contemplating? What about her health?

I am reading a book entitled The Truth About Hillary by Ed Klein. Truth has played a very insignificant part in Hillary's life.

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