Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Of squishes and not-so-big stars

Drudge is reporting that three of the stars of the "new" Democratic Party, Gillums in Florida, O'Rourke in Texas, and Abrams in Georgia have been defeated. I was happy to see Mike Braun win in Indiana, as I was worried the Libertarian candidate would subtract from his total.

The horrible news of the night is that Nancy Pelosi's Democrats will now have a narrow majority in the House. 14 House seats have flipped from Republican to Democrat, while only 1 flipped from Democrat to Republican. Why do I say horrible? Because the Dems will prevent any further revelations of corruption in the Obama Justice Department and FBI and life won't get any easier for our President.

I was really happy to see Ron DeSantis win the Governor race in Florida.

Glenn Reynolds reports at Instapundit,
Mitt Romney wins in Utah. I expect him to fill the Corker/Flake squish role.

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