Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Pretending to care

Are you, like me, totally ignorant about the Katyn Forest massacre in World War II? Ace of Spades gives us a thorough explanation here.The US and Britain had evidence that the Soviets carried out the murders of Polish citizens at Katyn, but said nothing about it during the time when the Soviets were fighting the Nazis, our enemy in World War II.

Ace then goes on to elaborate about the killing of Khasshoggi, a Washington Post "journalist" with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda, enemies of the United States and its allies.

As Ace points out,
Sometimes in war you excuse war crimes by your allies.

There is a war going on, with the Islamist dictatorship Turkey, the deep-pocketed, Western-media-purchasing Qataris, and the Islamist terror state of Iran on one side, and the Saudis, Bahrain, the UAE, Jordan, Egypt (post-Muslim Brotherhood, of course!) and Israel on the other.

And suddenly, the media is covering Yemeni civilian deaths -- something they never covered at all when it was a president they helped elect, Barack Obama, who would be harmed by exposing the civilian deaths and questioning the US' involvement in the war.

Odd, isn't it?

I've said this before myself, but Dave Reaboi said it on twitter recently: The Democrat Party is dedicated to the idea that there are no External Enemies, no foreign enemies. They think this makes them elevated and peaceful.

But they do have enemies -- and their enemies are Internal Enemies, also known as "other American citizens."

And the only time the Democrats or their media Broadcast Communication Shops start pretending they've discovered a new External Enemy, it's really all just kabuki to fight the only war they care about, the war against their internal enemies, their domestic opponents.

The media did not care about Yemeni casualties in 2016 and it does not care about them now. This is about taking down a hated domestic enemy -- Trump -- and rewarding their fellow partisans in the leftwing army by improving Iran's position.

The media did not care about all the actual US citizens Iran killed in terror attacks, both soldiers and civilians on cruise ships, and never for one second thought such piddling concerns ought to stand in the way of Ben Rhodes' and Barack Obama's diplomatic efforts to give Iran the nuclear bomb.

And it also does not care that Saudi Arabia killed a "reporter" who was, as some reporters are (especially in this area of the world), actually a partisan for an enemy faction.

But they'll pretend they care -- again, to get Trump, and to prop up Rhodes' and Obama's Iran Initiative.

The media and Democrats have no enemy but one: you, and all normal, non-leftist Americans.

And if you see them ginning up a moral panic about a supposed foreign enemy, you better take great heed, because what they're really doing is mounting an offensive against you.

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