Thursday, November 08, 2018

Appreciation for those who keep us safe

Is there any other country besides America where the police show up to guarantee your free speech as they are doing for Klavan and Knowles on their college campuses appearances?

Democrats continued to make inroads into college educated suburban areas. Can we stop colleges from educating students to become idiots? A group of students gagged themselves with duct tape during the Klavan and Knowles appearance at Loyola Marymont College last night. Andrew thinks conservative students should demand college administrators start hiring conservative professors who could debate Leftist professors and students could make up their own minds. After the speeches last night some of the most fragile students were given safe spaces!

On Monday we celebrate the end of World War I. Do you know why it began? After the war the Left seized the narrative, as they are very good at doing. They sold the idea that the problem was nationalism. Europe died; the entire civilization was destroyed. Andrew does not think it is going to survive another century in its present form. World War I also destroyed the concept of patriotism for Europeans.

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