Tuesday, November 06, 2018

A Magna Carta for the web?

Do you know this man? He is Tim Berners Lee. What has he done so far in his life? Not much. Oh, he did invent the internet in 1989. What is he doing now? Well, he is trying to launch a 'Magna Carta for the web' to save the internet from abuse, according to Laurence Dodds at the Telegraph.
The 63-year-old was speaking at the Web Summit in Lisbon to launch a new "contract for the web" which asks internet companies to uphold a set of principles such as protecting privacy and being transparent about their algorithms.

...Sir Tim said: "For the first 15 years, most people just expected the web to do great things. They thought 'there'll be good and bad, that is humanity, but if you connect humanity with technology, great things will happen....

"What could go wrong? Well, duh: all kinds of things have gone wrong since. We have fake news, we have problems with privacy, we have problems with abuse of personal data, we have people being profiled in a way that they can be manipulated by clever ads."

Sir Tim, who developed the Web as a "side project" while working at the Cern research laboratory in Switzerland in the Eighties, has become increasingly vocal about what he sees as a perversion of his original vision.

He recently warned that tech giants such as Amazon and Google may have to be broken up in order to prevent them from amassing too much power, and has launched a project to decentralise data storage.
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